Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 15: Jonathan Coulton

Hi, and welcome to the Open Licensed Music Podcast, the show where we highlight music from artists who let you share their music.  I'm Ralph Wacksworth, and today's episode is featuring music by Jonathan Coulton.

Code Monkey (edited) (3:09)
Mandelbrot Set (edited) (4:24)
Curl (edited) 3:18)
The Presidents (4:08)

That was a slightly edited version of Code Monkey, Mandelbrot Set, and Curl.  Mandelbrot Set was edited now that Dr. Mandelbrot is no longer with us.  And finishing up was The Presidents.  All four of them are by Jonathan Coulton.

In fact, all of the songs in this episode are by Jonathan Coulton and are available on his website at and are licensed under an Attribution Noncommercial license.  Not all of his songs are open-licensed.  There are a few songs he can't do that with, like the song Still Alive that he wrote for the game Portal, but almost all of his music is open-licensed.  This episode partially came about because of a discussion a while back where a few of the people in a technical group I'm part of didn't know who he was, despite having heard a bunch of his music.  So, consider this an introduction to a well-known musician whose name is not as well-known.

Although most of his music is open-licensed, he does sell CDs and digital downloads in FLAC, OGG, and MP3 formats on his website.  There's also various merchandise and the tour schedule for his live shows.  Again, his site is at

So, anyway, let's get back to listening to more of his music.

Furry Old Lobster (2:00)
Seahorse (3:28)
I'm Your Moon (3:12)
Under the Pines (3:36)

That was Furry Old Lobster, which you can find some awesome videos of online under their latin name "enhydra lutris".  After that was Seahorse, followed by I'm Your Moon, which was sung from the perspective of Pluto's moon Charon.  Neat piece of info there that the song refers to is how Pluto and Charon are face-locked, so the same side of each is facing the other, and Charon is large enough that they both revolve around a point between them rather than Charon only revolving around Pluto like you see in larger planets.  Finishing up was Under the Pines, which is about a large cryptid.  All of them are by Jonathan Coulton, are available from his website, and are licensed under an Attribution Noncommercial license.

The Humble Bundle is still running for a few more days, and they've added more games.  Check it out today at

Back to music.

The Big Boom (2:37)
Re: Your Brains (4:31)
Bacteria (2:35)
Creepy Doll (4:00)

That was The Big Boom, which was written in response to a thunderclap that was strong enough to set off car alarms around where he was staying at the time.  After that was Re: Your Brains, one of his better-known songs, then Bacteria.  Finishing up was Creepy Doll.  All of them are by Jonathan Coulton, are available from his website, and are licensed under an Attribution Noncommercial license.

Today's app-of-the-day is Chromium.  Sort of.  The Chromium browser project at is the base on which Google Chrome is built.  It lacks the built-in Flash Player and PDF viewer from Google Chrome, but these can generally be added back in as plugins.  More importantly it lacks the usage tracking of Google Chrome.  Most Linux distros I've used already have it as an installable option in their repos, and there are places online you can download builds of plain Chromium, but outside of Linux I generally prefer SRWare Iron.  It's a nicely packaged version of Chromium, complete with lack of usage tracking, and it's also open source.  Essentially it's an easy way to install Chromium, and it's available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.  Download it today at

Now for a short noncommercial break from one of our nonsponsors followed by a bit more music.

Nonsense Novels
Stroller Town (2:47)
SkyMall (3:55)
A Talk with George (edited) (3:04)
Just as Long as Me (2:13)
Mr. Fancy Pants (1:19)

That was Stroller Town, followed by SkyMall.  After that was a slightly edited version of A Talk with George, which was about George Plimpton, a guy who if you read his history is the embodiment of the phrase "try everything once".  Finishing up was Mr. Fancy Pants.  All of them are by Jonathan Coulton, are available from his website, and are licensed under an Attribution Noncommercial license.

So, that's all for today.  Remember - piracy of commercial music only proves your dependence on that model and justifies further censorship and restriction.  So don't pirate it - replace it with something better.  Listen to open licensed music, donate to the artists behind it, go to concerts, and buy music from artists whose record labels don't see you as their enemies.  Support artists where your support actually counts.

This episode was made using Xubuntu LinuxGentoo LinuxAudacityAudacious for organizing playlists, and Leafpad for notes, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license.  Feel free to give it to your friends, or if you didn't like it, your enemies.  Links to the songs in this podcast are available on the website.  Listen in next time for some fantasy adventure music.  See 'ya!

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