Thursday, October 4, 2012

Episode 20: Electronic

(Sorry this was so late this week!  Should be back to the normal schedule next week.)

Hi, and welcome to the Open Licensed Music Podcast, the show where we highlight music from artists who let you share their music.  I'm Ralph Wacksworth, and today's episode is featuring electronic music.

A-Lin-Unitrospection (6:43)
Aquascape - Vacuum Fields (6:45)
Severed Triangles (3:44)
Ovum phoenicis (4:00)

That was A-Lin-Unitrospection by A-Lin, Aquascape - Vacuum Fields by Tunguska Electronic Music Society, Severed Triangles by Andrey Avkhimovich, and finishing up was Ovum phoenicis by A. S. Hereb.  All four of them are available from Jamendo and are licensed under an Attribution license.

This week's episode is another one where I tried very hard to find only songs which are licensed under an Attribution license.  So there's all kinds of stuff you can do with the music this week.  Go out there and make some cool stuff!

The Blender Foundation Open Movie team released another open licensed short film this week.  It's called Tears of Steel, and it's quite cool.  It's made with all open-source software and is licensed under an Attribution license.  Check it out today and

Adibudi - I don't know the title (2:49)
The eighth sin (edited) (5:07)
Redshift (3:17)
Emerge In Love (ft. SackJo22 & Magic Moon) (3:52)

That was Adibudi - I don't know the title by Adibudi, which is available from Jamendo.  After that was an instrumental edit of The eighth sin by Zero-project, which is available from  Then we had Redshift by Sonic Radiation, which is available from Jamendo.  And finishing up was Emerge in Love (ft. SackJo22 & Magic Moon) by Alex, which is available from ccMixter.  All four of them are licensed under an Attribution license.

Today's app-of-the-day is OpenVPN.  To distill it down to its basic form, OpenVPN lets you set up a virtual network cable between two computers over the internet on an encrypted channel.  It allows you to do many of the same kinds of things as an SSH tunnel, but it's slightly different in that it doesn't just tunnel specific ports, which makes tunnelling things with randomized ports much easier.  It's available for Linux, BSD, OpenSolaris and OpenIndiana, BeOS and Haiku, Android, Apple iOS, HP webOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.  Download it today at

Now for a short noncommercial break from one of our nonsponsors followed by more music.  And as a heads-up, one of the following songs sorta has vocals, but they're more of a musical texture than anything.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
TV (TechVision) (Short Mix) (edited) (8:26)
Fresa y Berenjena (0:58)
Trackin Around (4:58)
Argonika - Rainbow Hunter (3:29)
Til We Meet Again [Instrumental Edit] (5:29)

That was a shortened edit of TV (TechVision) (Short Mix) by Data Collaborate, a shortened edit of Fresa y Berenjena by Sikior, Trackin Around by Data Collaborate, Argonika - Rainbow Hunter by Tunguska Electronic Music Society, and finishing up was Til We Meet Again [Instrumental Edit] by Rataxes.  All five of them are available from Jamendo and are licensed under an Attribution license.

So, that's all for today.  Remember - piracy of commercial music only proves your dependence on that model and justifies further censorship and restriction.  So don't pirate it - replace it with something better.  Listen to open licensed music, donate to the artists behind it, go to concerts, and buy music from artists whose record labels don't see you as their enemies.  Support artists where your support actually counts.

This episode was made using Xubuntu Linux, Gentoo Linux, Audacity, Audacious for organizing playlists, and Leafpad for notes, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  Feel free to give it to your friends, or if you didn't like it, your enemies.  Links to the songs in this podcast are available on the website.  Listen in next time for some chiptunes.  See 'ya!

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