Monday, November 5, 2012

Episode 25: Abrasive Electronic

Hi, and welcome to the Open Licensed Music Podcast, the show where we highlight music from artists who let you share their music.  I'm Ralph Wacksworth, and today's episode is featuring abrasive electronic music.  As a heads-up, this is some really cool electronic music that's a little too abrasive to fit into my normal electronic music episodes.  It's good music, but may be a little hard to listen to while trying to focus on something else.  So without further ado, let's get started.

Pulse (George Ellinas remix) (3:17)
Mc Sing (4:38)
Adibudi - Dynamite (3:33)
A Walk Over Silicon Valley (2:48)

That was Pulse (George Ellinas remix) by George_Ellinas, which is available from ccMixter.  After that was Mc Sing by Sirius, Adibudi - Dynamite by Adibudi, and finishing up was A Walk Over Silicon Valley by Andrey Avkhimovich, all three of which are available from Jamendo.  All four of them in this set are licensed under an Attribution license.

And again, all of the songs this week are licensed under an Attribution license.  If you decide to publish some content under an open license, I heartily recommend considering this license or another similarly-permissive license.  If you're building software, take a look at the zlib license.  They both allow for a ton of flexibility in what your content can be reused for.

Anyway, back to music.

Dj Fire-Black - Speed Limit (Original Mix) (3:25)
Come Home (6:52)
The Iron Woodcutter (5:29)
Dj Fire-Black - Intro (White Spirit) (7:10)

That was Dj Fire-Black - Speed Limit (Original Mix) by Dj Fire-Black, IN THE HOUSE by IVEZA, Come Home by Rataxes, The Iron Woodcutter by GreG, and finishing up was Dj Fire-Black - Intro (White Spirit) by Dj Fire-Black.  All five of them in this set are available from Jamendo and are licensed under an Attribution license.

Today's app-of-the-day is Orbium, an open source HTML5 game.  The goal of it is to sort an incoming stream of colored balls into rotating geneva gears.  When one of the geneva gears is filled with matching colors, that gear is complete and the balls disappear, leaving you space to sort more of them.  It gets a bit more complicated than that, especially as you get to some of the higher levels, but it's a well-built game that doesn't take long to get started.  You also don't have to install it, and it runs on pretty much every platform with a modern web browser.  Try it out today at

I'm going to try over the next few episodes to cover a few more of the open source HTML5 programs I've found.  There are some pretty nifty ones out there, but I've found that quite often they're a little difficult to find.  Once you find them, though, they're incredibly easy to try out since they run on just about any platform and don't need to be installed.  So, you can look forward to seeing more of them over the next few episodes as I start going through some of my bookmarks.

Now for a short noncommercial break from one of our nonsponsors followed by more music.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Remember The Name (Run Beat Remix) (Instrumental Version) (3:56)
FANTASY (3:56)
pROgraM vs. Us3R (2:55)
Russell8 - Soundtrack №1 (1:00)
Sandwich (1:42)

That was Remember The Name (Run Beat Remix) (Instrumental Version) by Jay Sinkie, which is available from ccMixter.  Then we had FANTASY by Sirius, which is available from Jamendo.  Following that was pROgraM vs. Us3R by morgantj, which is available from ccMixter, Russell8 - Soundtrack №1 by Russell8, which is available from SoundCloud, and finishing up was Sandwich by Dr.Arthur, which is available from Jamendo.  All five of them in this set are licensed under an Attribution license.

So, that's all for today.  Remember - piracy of commercial music only proves your dependence on that model and justifies further censorship and restriction.  So don't pirate it - replace it with something better.  Listen to open licensed music, donate to the artists behind it, go to concerts, and buy music from artists whose record labels don't see you as their enemies.  Support artists where your support actually counts.

This episode was made using Gentoo LinuxXubuntu LinuxAudacity, Audacious for organizing playlists, and Leafpad for notes, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  Feel free to give it to your friends, or if you didn't like it, your enemies.  Links to the songs in this podcast are available on the website.  Listen in next time for some mystery and spy music.  See 'ya!

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