Thursday, December 27, 2012

Episode 32: Electronic

Sorry, folks, for the delay this week.  This episode has been queued up since Monday but I couldn't get the file to upload.  Just got it to work, though.  At any rate, I forgot to mention that the The Internet Archive (which hosts the audio files for this podcast) is doing a fundraising drive.  If you could help them out, I'm sure they'd appreciate it!  Here's the link.

Thanks for listening!

- Ralph

Hi, and welcome to the Open Licensed Music Podcast, the show where we highlight music from artists who let you share their music.  I'm Ralph Wacksworth, and today's episode is featuring electronic music.

06 - Qvic (3:21 @ 0:11)
The New Music (ft. Spinningmerkaba) (instrumental version) (3:36 @ 3:27)
Near Death (5:55 @ 7:01)
LIT (3:45 @ 12:57)
Not too quiet (6:30 @ 16:43)

That was 06 - Qvic by snurek_pl, which is available from SoundCloud.  After that was The New Music (ft. Spinningmerkaba) by Alex, which is available from ccMixter.  Then we had Near Death by DJ Fire-Black and LIT by Sum-1, both of which are available from Jamendo.  Finishing up was Not too quiet by zikweb, which is available from ccMixter.  All five songs in this set are licensed under an Attribution license.

And again this week, all of the music is licensed under Attribution licenses.  So get out there and reuse it!

Not many people seem to know about this, but Stanford University released some course materials a while back, including a bunch of videos, under an open license, and what I've seem of them is really quite good.  It's called Stanford Engineering Everywhere, and all of it that I've seen has been licensed under an Attribution license, with much of it available via BitTorrent.  On a quick side note, I love seeing people using BitTorrent legally, since it really is a cool technology that I'd like to make sure has enough legitimate users for it to survive.  Anyway, they have courses in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, general mathematics, and even iPhone app programming.  Check it out today at

Ambient Dance (3:48 @ 24:29)
Chapstick (2:28 @ 28:13)
Memories of the moon (9:28 @ 30:35)

That was Ambient Dance by Zeropage, which is available from Jamendo.  After that was Chapstick by Bradley27, which is available from ccMixter.  Finishing up was Memories of the moon by zero-project, which is available from  All three songs in this set are licensed under an Attribution license.

Today's app-of-the-day is JavaScript Racer, which unbelievably is a racing game written in JavaScript.  It has a very classic arcade game look to it and is pretty simple but put together well.  Triggers nostalgia well and runs smoothly in modern browsers.  It also comes with a very good explanation of how it's put together, so if you're curious you can not only read the code but basically a math tutorial for not only how it works but how it's supposed to work.  Check it out today at

Now for a short noncommercial break from one of our nonsponsors followed by more music.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Sonar Tuning Electro Track (3:56 @ 41:56)
FOG on the Bluff (ft. DJ BLUE) (edited) (3:56 @ 45:52)
Ambient Voyager (3:54 @ 49:09)
Speed of Mind (7:22 @ 53:01)
Soundtrack: burbling synthesizer (0:59 @ 1:00:21)

That was Sonar Tuning Electro Track by SouljahdeShiva, which is available from OpenGameArt.  After that was a slightly edited version of FOG on the Bluff (ft. DJ BLUE) by DJ BLUE, which is available from ccMixter.  Then we had Ambient Voyager by Zeropage and Speed of Mind by Flembaz, which are both available from Jamendo.  Finishing up was Soundtrack: burbling synthesizer by Barrettt, which is available from SoundCloud.  All five songs in this set are licensed under an Attribution license.

So, that's all for today.  Remember - piracy of commercial music only proves your dependence on that model and justifies further censorship and restriction.  So don't pirate it - replace it with something better.  Listen to open licensed music, donate to the artists behind it, go to concerts, and buy music from artists whose record labels don't see you as their enemies.  Support artists where your support actually counts.

This episode was made using Gentoo Linux, Xubuntu Linux, Audacity, Audacious for organizing playlists, and Leafpad for notes, and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.  Feel free to give it to your friends, or if you didn't like it, your enemies.  Links to the songs in this podcast are available on the website.  Listen in next time for some jazz and chill music.  See 'ya!

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